This was one of those episodes filled with characters from the World of Horror Movies, where writers make every character do the most illogical thing they can think of, just to advance the plot! The lights go out, there's a noise in the cellar and a killer running around the neighborhood? Yes, let's definitely go check the fuse box. Alone. In the dark. Unarmed. And half nekkid, if possible.

In no particular order ---

WTF were you thinking, Sasha? By all means, make your prisoner mobile and turn your back on him. Oh, sure, his name is Bob and all Bob's are obviously alike. Apparently that was implicit from Tyrese's pep talk.

WTF were you thinking, Prisoner Bob? Oh sure, you managed to trick a preggo, but now your hands are tied and you have to navigate 5-6 zombie infested blocks, unlock a gate and a couple of doors to get back to the safety of Dawn's bosom.

WTF were you thinking, Glenn? You leave the love of your life downwind from an advancing zombie horde in the company of a suicidal ex-marine and comatose Mullet Man. Oh ... wait! You can choose to protect Lady Love or go on a picnic with Tara and Rosita? OK, now I know what you were thinking! Menage a-pocalypse. Good choice, pizza delivery boy.

WTF were you thinking, Maggie? Besides not throwing a hissy fit when your boyfriend decides to take a walk on the wild side, you put away your weapons and go running towards someone making Walker noises and probably placing a take-out order?

WTF were you thinking, Rick? What happened to the Rick-tatership? Since when do you take tactical advice from diaper changing Tyrese? Look what happened to Sasha after she listened to him!

WTF were you thinking, Gabriel? No really -- WTF WERE YOU THINKING! Sure they ripped your organ apart -- that does sound worse than it actually was -- but they are armed and can talk the talk, walk the walk. I doubt an exorcism will work on zombies and quoting Mathew 3:23 will only get you so far in this life. First trip out of the church, you got trapped on a rock; second trip, you got trapped in a wine cellar. Now you'll die of tetanus even if the Walkers think its Lent and only eat Rosita's fish.

WTF were you thinking, Daryl? Did you get a tote of the same stuff that Tyrese was smoking? Let Rick kill that Dawn boy toy!! He tried to feed you to the extra crispies!

WTF were you thinking ,Tara? First, a post-Apocalyptic comedy tour will be a very short gig, but even the priest knew to pick the machete over the yoyo. And you could poke an eye out.

WTF were you thinking, Abe? Going all cro-magnon on a woman is never a good idea anyway, but they were both graduates of the Thelma and Louise Charm School -- and armed!

WTF were you thinking, Beth? The last time you followed this doctor's medical advice, you killed a patient! [though this time epinephrine / adrenaline is the right choice -- but you didn't know that!]

I'd love to ask the others what they were thinking, but I don't speak Judith's language, Michionne obviously is speechless when faced with the horror of a dirty diaper, and Carol and Eugene are comatose.

Before I take screen shots, I listened several times to the Maggie-Eugene scene. I assume that Abe isn't a ventriloquist, but a male voice definitely says "Not alone!" over gurgling zombie noises -- which apparently means "disarm and gimme a hug" -- and Maggie says "Stay right there. Don't try to talk. It'll all be OK". Please don't kill Maggie! Unless you can get Megan Fox to work cheap. Then, by all means, feed her to the liar and leave Glenn to his bitches and ho's.